Frequently Asked Questions

1) How does this service work?

We play on your account until we reach your desired League and/or Division.

Confidential information such as your LoL username and password are completely erased from our database after your order has been completed. The only record we keep is the e-mail address you provided upon purchase incase you would like to purchase another boost.

2) How long will it take?

It depends on what you’ve ordered. You can refer to the estimated time calculator on the boosting page to get an idea of how long the order will take. Please keep in mind that the number is an estimate, and it may take longer or shorter than expected to complete your order.

3) Can I still play on my account?

Yes. You can pause your order at any time through our members area. Be sure to select resume once you are done.

4) Is it safe?

Yes! We have been providing this service to players since Season 1. We go through great lengths to ensure the safety of your account, and have never had issues with accounts being banned.

5) What separates you from other boosting sites?

We offer a lot of features that are exclusive to our website, suchas our Premium Members Subscription. This subscription allows you to view guides for every champion in the game, as well as general guides about the game. We also use premium VPN technology combined with the appear offline application to make sure Riot never detects your account being boosted.

6) How do you boost on EU if you’re from NA?

While our company is based in the NA region, we employ boosters from around the globe to ensure that your boost can be taken care of properly.